Game Play

The game is won by gathering prestige points, which can be acquired through several ways. The first is through the gathering of followers and land for growing yams, the large starchy roots that are the currency and primary food of the islands.

Another is by hosting the most extravagant of feasts during a particular harvest season. In any given harvest, players compete attempting to out-do one another on expensive feasts

Finally, the most expensive, risky, but potentially rewarding way is to pursue one of the Kula objects. These are legendary pieces of jewelry that have been passed from hand to hand for generations on the islands. If a Kula object reappears, rumors will spread quickly and all of the would-be chiefs will order their lackeys to begin constructing special, hand-carved canoes and then send out expeditions to search the seas for the Kula.

The game includes 105 cards, a box and an instruction manual. Players must provide a 6-sided (cube) dice and some way of keeping track of yam numbers--we found coins or a piece of scratch paper to be effective.