Yams! has officially sold out and there are currently no plans to produce more. Thanks to everyone who ordered the game and helped make it happen!

Yams! is a strategy card game based in the power struggles between 19th century Melanesian chiefs (2-4 players).

The year is 1890 and on the Trobriand Islands, the Paramount Chief grows old. In Yams, you take the role of one of the rival claimants to his position. A contest of glory and power in the South Pacific Yams is a card game for two to four players. In the Trobriands a leader's power is equal to that leader's prestige and prestige is gained through one tool: Yams! Your goal is to bargain, steal and charm your way to the top through numerous yam harvests. Be careful, though, because the Trobriands are a land of magic and treachery and the greatest of leaders are also the mightiest of sorcerers.

Yams features innovative play set in an unusual historic setting, as well as original art by Audrey Ryan which invokes not only beauty of the islands but also the cut-throat social world of the Trobriand chiefs.

Yams was designed by, Jesse Harasta, a professional anthropologist and is based upon the writings of late-19th century anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski working in modern day Papua New Guinea. In the game, we have attempted wherever possible to accurately capture the spirit of these writings, both their appreciation of the richness of Trobriand Culture and the canniness of Trobriand leaders.